A Simple Fallen Leaf

I sat in heavy traffic
that stood still
more than it moved forward.

One lone leaf lighted on my windshield
and caused a blinding splash
of memories in vivid colors.
Suddenly, I’m transported to
my hometown many years passed
under the Crape Myrtle trees
at the home that was my grandmother’s.

I wanted to cancel
my shopping trip
forget about purchasing new clothes
to complement the fall season,
and my new outlook,
in preparation for my next year on earth.

All of me wanted
to stop the car and sit,
pretend to be broken for a bit
or get out and just
capture the leaf that took me
so far out of time and place.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers

I had in mind this poem from my outing yesterday. When Poetic Asides posted the assignment, it was a perfect fit. So it serves two masters, that of getting it on paper, and my poem for Day 1 of the Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge.

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