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Winding Up National Poetry Month 2009

So, it’s the 20th of April—that’s twenty days into National Poetry Month [NPM]. I just returned from a long trip that was truly a pleasure. Slowly the good feelings are washing away making room for the sobering thought that I’m falling short with my poetry postings.

Last April, I did better with my poetry offerings. This year, not so much. Once I set up this blog, I said that I would do something for NPM that was more than I usually did. My intention was to post daily as opposed to just whenever, as is my current post schedule.

There’s still time to do something productive. So, through the end of the month, (that’s the next ten days), I will post one poem each. So do come back; you may find something you like.

I invite you to share your responses if you like. And, if you have your own poems that you post, do drop me a link as well. I love reading new poets.


If you see something you want to share with others and you’re on twitter, it would be great if you’d add #npm, #poetry or #poetrymonth to your tweet. Thanks.

And, do take some time to explore the great offerings submitted by poets and poetry readers to Twitter’s poetry categories.

Here’s one to kick-start my ten days winding up National Poetry Month 2009:

Led by Gratitude

I’ve set aside this space
to share my thoughts
released on the wings
of prayers, meditations
and gratitude.
Ideas flow freely through
my silence as I sit waiting
for the verses summoned.

The words dance on my page
choreographed by
appreciation of all
that I experience.

Thanks be to the
Holy Trinity


©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers