It’s All Good: A Message from My Daddy

Dancing SpiritsI sat by my favorite tree hoping to find a way to unwind. I figured out, from a previous meditation, the best way for me to cast off my burdens. So, there I was, breathing deeply and leaning on a truth made manifest through practice more than comprehension. Moments passed and I lost myself in my internal space and reality passed away. In this session the sun was shining brightly as I rested against my tree. For the first time since I’ve begun practicing Morning B.R.E.W. sessions, I was visited. It was my dad who came and sat with me. He let me know that he was fine and all was well. I was in my meditation because I was all wound up over making things ready for dad’s celebration. He let me know that I needed to relax and have some ice cream.

A few things I must make clear. First, I said that my dad made me know things. I didn’t say “he told me” because it’s a different way of communicating when it’s out of body. The reason I was frustrated and stressed was because I was trying to make people move to help me with dad’s funeral program. You see he had died two days before.

Anyway, I took his advice, calmed down and had some ice cream. It turned out that he was right and everything worked out even better than I thought it would. My mom was pleased. According to my own assessment, I believe that my dad would have liked the way things went as well. So, really, holding onto my stress would not have done me any good. Most probably, it would have impeded my progress.

All the lessons I learned in my life are made manifest time and again throughout my experiences. Everything happens for a reason. Every thing in its own time. And really, whatever the hurdle, there is a blessing in the mix, if you sift and wait and let it rise to the top. Attending to life gives profoundly real and realized meaning to “It’s all good.” Look a little closer, even in the midst of turmoil, try to be empty of stress and worry, sit with an open heart and a receptive spirit. If you do it right, you’ll see them too, gifts of insight and assurance.

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